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COB LED means chip on board LED, it’s one of bare chip technologies, which interconnect bare chip to substrate by conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire bonding to achieve its electrical connection. COB package is attach number of chips directly to the substrate, then packaged together by silica gel, epoxy resin or other materials, the yellow part is phosphor.

COB LED Advantages:
COB light source can save about 30% cost in the application, mainly lie in LED package cost, light engine production costs and the secondary light distribution costs, which is great significance for applications and promotion of semiconductor lighting.

1. The latest COB integrated reflective glass technology, compared with the ordinary LED plant growth light on the market, the color more even, luminous efficiency is higher.

2. 3 w high power LED as light source. compared with the ordinary LED plant growth light on the market, the color more even, luminous efficiency is higher.

3.Lifetime more than 50000 hours.

4.The ratio of the different light can be specified by the customer, we suggest is (red:blue) 8:1, 7:2 and 7:1:1 ,red. Blue. Orange. White. Yellow light available to plants.

5.LED wavelength can be specified by the customer, we suggest that the red light wavelengths using 620-630 nm and 640-660 nm, blue light wavelength using 450-460 nm and 460-470 - nm. Red light promote the plant germination, flowering, blu-ray promote plant growth, you can choose more suitable wavelength and color ratio to promote the growth of plants.

6.Built-in fan can solved the heat dissipation problem

7.The built-in power supply with CE certification, no other equipment configuration, simple and safe plug directly access AC85V ~ 264 v voltage, dont need mirror and ballast

8.It is suitable for various stages of plant growth, and indoor garden, water solution cultivation and soil cultivation plants work very well

9.The exposure area and height of lamp according to different plants and the environment will change accordingly, and technical parameters will change too

10.All materials conform to the requirements of environmental protection, do not contain mercury and other harmful heavy metal material


Application range of led grow light

After the test, the wavelength of LED grow light very suitable for plant growth and blossom and bear fruit.General indoor plants, flowers will grow bad with the long time , the main reason is the lack of light, through the spectrum of LED light, not only can promote its growth, but also can extend the flowering, improve the quality of the flower.And the application of this kind of high efficient light source system to the greenhouse, greenhouse facilities, such as agricultural production, can also solve the lack of sunlight led to the decrease of the tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse vegetables taste.The company has a number of LED products technology patents.Products are widely used in greenhouse cultivation, tissue culture, family grows, etc.

1.Suitable for all kinds of indoor planting, gardening, farming, potted plants, garden, greenhouse cultivation, breeding of water soluble, university research center and so on

2.Flower show, special spectrum can be effectively flowering duration