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250W HPS Lamp

Product Code: HPS250
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Price: $37.00



1) 32000 lumen high output

2) T46 bulb type

3) Fit E40 mogul-based reflectors

4) 24,000hrs average life


Main Features :


1) Compatible perfectly with both electronic ballast and magnetic ballast

2) Effectively promote for both plants vegetative growth and flowering

3)High photosynthetic efficient together with an excellent price/performance;

4) Lead to long lanky plants;

5) Can be profitably used during the entire life circle of the plant;

6) Increase corp volume and supplemental greenhouse lighting;

7) Stimulate flower and fruit production more efficiently than MH bulbs;

8) More economical choice since their lifespan is twice that of MH;

9) Best used in conjunction with MH either in addition to, or cycled together;

10) Lower energy cost