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120mm AC Fan
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120mm AC Fan

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Widely used in general factories, warehouses, offices, residential heating cooling ventilation or strong, but also in the long exhaust pipe installed in series between the pressure to increase the pipeline, remove the motor to do free fan. Corrosion axial fan with anti-corrosion materials coated with epoxy paint processing, hairdryer, blades are made of glass, steel, electrical motors with special antiseptic used to transport corrosive gases. Explosion-proof axial fan for conveying flammable gases. Impeller made of aluminum alloy processing, in order to prevent sparks during operation, the motor with explosion-proof motors. Corrosion proof axial fan, also has corrosion proof explosion-proof function.



  • Frame type:die-cast aluminum
  • Impeller:PBT
  • Storage temperature:-40°C-+80°C@65%Relative humidity
  • Operation temperature:- 30°C-+75°C@ 65%Relative humidity
  • Dielectric streength :AC 1800Vfor 2sec. (< 0.5mAallowable, between terminal(lead)(+) and frame)
  • CE certification.
  • Life: 60,000 hours for ball bearing or 30,000 hours for sleeve bearing



Bearing: Ball+Sleeve

Power: Australian 240V, 17 Watts

Speed: 2500 RPM

Air Flow: 120m3/hr (75 CFM)

Noise Level: 30db(A)


Option Include:

1x/2x/3x/4x  120mm AC Fan with power leads