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3 in1 Nutrient Meter(PPM/EC)

Product Code: PPM/EC/CF
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Price: $75.00


The stick measures the nutrient strength of a solution. It is essential when growing hydroponics to know what the strength of the solution is before feeding your plants and while they are growing. The stick is the perfect all-around conductivity meter. Its rugged chassis and precision components make it super accurate every time you use it. This incredibly accurate meter is fully waterproof and simple to use. Just dip the probe end into the nutrient and the unit turns on and off automatically. The reading is instantly displayed on an intuitive and easy to read scale of waterproof LED lights.


  1. New Technology, working with magnet, more accurate
  2. Fully waterproof
  3. Measures EC, CF and PPM scales
  4. High conductivity measurement for a broad range of crops
  5. Factory calibrated, never needs recalibration
  6. Auto turn on and off
  7. No external knobs or switches


Model EC-2385I EC-2385II EC-2385III
Measuring range 0.4 ~ 5.2EC 0.4-4.4EC 0.2-3.6EC
4 - 52CF 4- 44CF 2- 36CF
280 ~ 3640ppm(EC x 700) 280-3080ppm(EC x 700) 140-2520ppm(EC x 700)
200 ~ 3000ppm(EC x 500) 200-2200ppm(EC x 500) 100-1800ppm(EC x 500)
Accuracy ±4%
Resolution 0.1EC
70ppm 700
50ppm 500
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50(32 - 122.F)
Batteries 3×1.5V (AA Batteries)
Dimensions 415mm x 23mm
Weight 180g


Package include:

  • 1x Brand New 3 in One Wand Nutrient Meter
  • 1x Instruction Guide
  • 1x Premium Hard Plastic Case
  • 1x Magnet iron