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HM TDS Meter

Product Code: TDS
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Instruction for the TDS meter

remove the protective cap

Turn the TDS meter on 

Immerse the meter into the water/solution up to the maximum immersion level 1(2")

Waiting until the display stabilizes,the TDS meter automatically compensates for temperature variations once the readout is stabilized (30 to 45 seconds) .press the hold button to save reading .

After usage,shake off water from your meter or wipe it with a tissue .


Do not drop the entire TDS meter in water or dip beyond the maximum immersion level.This until is not water -tight ang is not covered under the warranty if water enters the units .

Do not store the TDS meter under high temperature of direct sunlight .this will shorten the life -span of the products and potentially void the warranty .

The TDS -3 is calibrated at 642 ppm .it is recommended that the calibration level be as close as possible to sample to be tested.if  you are testing higher ppm (member,water quality association)



  1. Hold function: save measurements for convenient ready and recording
  2. Auto-off function:Turns off meter after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.
  3. Dual Range:Measures from 0-999ppm ,with a resolution of 1ppm .from
  4. 1000 to 9990 ppm,the resolution is 10 ppm,indicated by drinking X 10
    symbol ,factory calibrated.



Range 0-9,990 ppm
Accuracy + / - 2%
Battery 2*1.5V(button cell)
Size 155X31X23mm
Weight 76g