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CANNA Bio Vega Flores Boost

Brand: CANNA
Product Code: Bio Set
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Bio Boost


Bio Boost is a naturally fermented plant extract that is 100% organic. Developed for use during the blooming stage, this supplement stimulates the development of newly formed flowers to generate fuller fruit with more flavor!

When you use BIOCANNA Bio Boost your plants manufacture more fructose, making them healthier and stronger. Oligosaccharides stimulate the immune response so your plants are more resistant to disease.

Bio Boost is developed from plant extracts that are found in tropical rainforests. The numerous bioactive substances it contains increases your plants metabolism, which is exactly what they need during the blooming period.

The end result?

Strong healthy plants
Increased yields
Larger fruit
Improved aroma and flavor

Bio Vega


Bio Vega is a one-part organic fertilizer for use during the vegetative stage. Developed for growing in soil, it is rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen that is released according to your plants needs.

The bioactive substances in Bio Vega stimulate root development and the formation of strong growth shoots, preparing your plants to optimally start their blooming period.

BIOCANNA Bio Vega fertilizer is vegetable based, guaranteed 100% organic, and OMRI certified!

When you use Bio Vega it improves soil quality and biodiversity, stimulating the microflora around the plant roots. This enriched soil environment helps your plants more easily absorb water and nutrients. A complex ecosystem is created in conjunction with the soilborne organisms to help protect the roots.

Bio Vega contains exactly the right mineral composition and organic ingredients to help stimulate your plants metabolism and increase resistance to disease, harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi.


Bio Flores


Bio Flores was developed for the blooming stage of fast growing plants. This one-part 100% organic fertilizer is for use with plants grown in soil.

It contains a hops extract that provides many of the necessary minerals in the correct proportions that your plants need during flowering and fruiting phases. Bio Flores also contains lupuline, luparol, lupulon and humulon to provide extra blooming power!

Using Bio Flores stimulates the microflora around the plant roots to improve soil quality and biodiversity. A biologically active soil environment helps your plants more easily absorb water and nutrients so they can concentrate on creating blooms and fruits.


Package Include:

1x  Canna Bio Boost 250ml

1x  Canna Bio Vega 250ml

1x  Canna Bio Flores 250ml