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Fan Speed Controller

Product Code: FSC
Availability: In Stock
Price: $60.00

This is a silent indoor climate controller, designed to control extraction and intake fans. It is a great multi-purpose fan speed controller. Three settings include off, variable and full. Also simply increase or decrease the fan motor speed from a low to medium and high dial setting. All you have to do is plug in the fans and set the required fan speed.



  1. Current Capacity: 8 Amps
  2. Voltage Capacity: 220-240V AC
  3. Fuse: 8Amp
  4. Line Cord: 6.5 feet, 3-wire, double insulated, 0.75mm2.
  5. Plug: 3-pole
  6. Features: Variable speed or full run
  7. Dimensions: 5-1/2 (L) x 3-1/6 (W) x 2-19/20 (H) inches
  8. Weight: 0.9lbs



1x    Fan speed controller