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A Wing reflector Lighting Kit

Product Code: 1000AW
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Large Aluminum A-Wing reflector

The Adjust-A Wings combines high-end technology, esthetics and maximum features in a light weight fitting. It comes with an adjustable double parabole for perfectly focused illumination and special coatings that provide an evenly diffused light. The Adjust-A-Wings Defender is made from highly durable H18 airplane aluminum which, in combination with its functional design, allows it to be mounted, disassembled, moved and stored quickly and without tools and without compromising the materials. In addition, its titanium white polymer coating is extremely heat-resistant. Compared to the Avenger that made from 95% reflective German dimple aluminum sheet, Defender has a slightly lower reflection but a better spread of light. This results, overall, in an even growth and yield.

  • The “Adjustable Light Spread” allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions across all stages of plant growth for increased vitality, health and yield.
  • 95% reflective proprietary textured German aluminum.
  • Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors.
  • Increase the growing area under each lamp by up to 75%.
  • Increase yield per lamp up to 50%.
  • Sold in 17 countries across 4 continents, They are the “reflectors of choice” for many of the world’s top growers!
  • Medium Dimensions: 28in W x 39in L(700x990x0.7mm)
  • An additional socket assembly can be added to a Large Adjust-A-Wing.
  • Allows operation of up to 1000 watt HPS or MH lamps.

E40 1000w HPS Lamp Features:

1) 10% more light than standard HPS lamps

2) 32000 lumens High lumen output

3) Compatible with both electronic ballast and magnetic ballast

4) Effectively promote both plants growth and flowering

5) Customized logo,color box available

6) 1 year warranty

HPS Lamp Details:

1000w super HPS 32000 T46 E40

HPS 1000W Digital Ballast

1) Main voltage: 240V
2) Main frequency: 50 - 60Hz
3) Low power consumption
4) Provides long service life and super quiet
5) low raise temperature
6) Digital ballasts for both HPS & MH tubular lamps
7) Color: black
9) Certificates: CE/ROHS
10) 1 Year warranty
11) Dimming: 50% / 75% / 100% / 110%

Reflector YoYo(Upto 13Kg):

1) Stainless steel spring

2) Eyebolts for hanging the reflector

3) Screw hooks to connect the hanger to the ceiling

4) To adjust the height of reflector with ease

5) To provide reliable support & befitting distance from plants with tension mechanism

6) Max 13kg weight load capacity per pair

7) Compatible with all parabolic and round reflectors, so long as hooks and eyebolts suit

8) Overall Dimension : 90 x 65mm

9) Maximum Extension Length: 850mm

10) Come with screw hooks and eye bolts

E40 1000w Metal Halide Lamp 6400K


1) High luminous efficiency

2) Day Light spectrum

3) Perfect for vegetative growing and maintaining mother plants

4) Premium lamp used in commercial greenhouses as supplemental lighting

5) No flicker and humming provide maximum eyesight and ear protection

6) 1 year warranty

MH Grow Lamp Details

1000w Metal Halide 21000 T46 E40

Package include:

1x Large Aluminum A-Wing reflector

1x HPS 1000W Digital Ballast

1x 1000w HPS Lamp

or 1000w  Metal Halide Lamp

or 1000w HPS+MH Lamp

1x pair of Reflector YoYo