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DE 600/1150W Grow Light

Product Code: DE_600/1150W
Availability: In Stock
Price: $430.00

600W-1150W Double Ended Detached Grow Light Kit

Comes with high end Double Ended hood and Ballast

Europe made Aluminum Shade, high reflection

The Double Ended Fixture has the highest luminous flux output currently on the market at 160,300lm and an output of 1150 watts. With more unique features and safety protection than our competitors combined with its leading output specifications, the Double Ended Fixture is in a class of its own.

Another great feature is its removable ballast. If you ever decide to switch reflectors in the future you can simply remove the ballast from the fixture and use it with any other brand of reflector that supports double ended lamps.


Product Description:

1) 230V-240V
2) Full Fixture for up to 1000W double ended lamps
3) No acoustic resonance, more than 10% grow light compared to traditional lamps
4) Light maintenance after 5000hrs > 95%
5) Output adjustable: 600/750/1000/1150Watt
6) Available Color: Silvery
7) Size: 270mm x 240mm x 90mm



  1. Our exclusive designed ceramic lamp receptacles
  2. Plug and Play installation
  3. Best in class light uniformity reflector
  4. 4 phase dimming {600-1150 watts)
  5. Exclusive Ceramic receptacles (no melting plastic)
  6. Compatible with other industry DE Bulbs
  7. Designed for 5' x 5' growing grid
  8. Slow Start, open circuit and low voltage protection
  9. 3 Year Warranty


Package include:

1x AC Detached double ended fixture(hood)

1x DE 600W-1150W digital ballast

(Lamp not include, we have 1000W DE HPS/MH lamp instock, $90/each)