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4" Inline Duct Fan Combo

Product Code: V4C-3
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* Plus Fan Speed Controller + Silver Tape:

Item Details:

4" Centrifugal Inline Duct Fan

Centrifugal fans accelerate air radially, changing the direction (typically by 90o) of the airflow. They are sturdy, quiet, reliable, and capable of operating over a wide range of conditions.
Centrifugal fan is a constant CFM device or a constant volume device, meaning that, at a constant fan speed, a centrifugal fan will pump a constant volume of air rather than a constant mass. This means that the air velocity in a system is fixed even though mass flow rate through the fan is not.
Ducted fans normally have more and shorter blades than propellers and thus can operate at higher rotational speeds.


   1. Flange Size: 4" (100mm)

   2. Voltage: 240V/50-60Hz

   3. RPM: 2500

   4. CFM: 350

   5. Airflow (M3/H): 290

   6. Power: 78W

   7. High output

   8. Galvanized steel housing with textured dark grey color power coated

   9. Luxury leather jacket reduce vibration and noises

   10. High quality Backward molded impeller to ensure extra quiet operation

   11.Balanced thermally protected AC motor

   12.Extended collar and lip for easy duct hook-up

   13. Mounting brackets included

   14. Pre-wired 240V power cord (1.8m)

   15. Normally connected with Carbon Filter or Fan Muffler in growing system

4"/100mm Active Carbon Air Filter with Virgin Carbon High Efficient


1. Perfectly Fit for 4" inline fan and ducting
2. Completely Maintenance Free
3. Filtration Effect: 99.7%
4. With Long Life(12-18 Months)



1. Premium carbon insert
2. High quality Aluminum top and base
3. Extra thick 4cm Carbon bed
4. Customized 53% open air stainless steel mesh
5. White nice quality pre-filter include
6. Machine packed the carbon
7. Instant time 0.05 seconds purify nasty odors, contaminated air
8. Flange Size is 4inch 100mm


High Quality Fan Speed Controller

This is a silent indoor climate controller, designed to control extraction and intake fans. It is a great multi-purpose fan speed controller. Three settings include off, variable and full. Also simply increase or decrease the fan motor speed from a low to medium and high dial setting. All you have to do is plug in the fans and set the required fan speed.


1. Current Capacity: 8 amps

2. Voltage Capacity: 220-240V AC

3. Fuse: 8amp

4. Line Cord: 6.5 feet, 3-wire, double insulated, 0.75mm2.

5. Plug: 3-pole

6. Features: Variable speed or full run

7. Dimensions: 5-1/2 (L) x 3-1/6 (W) x 2-19/20 (H) inches

8. Weight: 0.9lbs


Silver Tape


Heat resistance, water, conductive, anti interference effect, radiation protection, etc

Extensively applied to pipes, such as indoor air conditioning pipes, refrigerator, water heater, heat insulation, stone cotton, automobile engine, ambry sealing, etc.

The aluminum foil tape is processed with pure aluminum and adhesives, and the metal has good strength and extensibility.

50mm x 50 meter

4" Aluminum Ducting

1). Application

It's a range of fully flexible uninsulated aluminum/polyester laminated ducting, which has been specially designed for the HVAC market. Because of it's flexibility, it is easy to connect to either round or oval ducting.

2). Construction

It is a mulch-ply reinforced aluminum and polyester laminated ducting with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix.

3). Advantages

Supplied standard 6 meters length, compressed to 0.4-0.6 meter

Individually boxed

Easy to connect to either round or oval ducting

No special tools required for cutting or fixing

In the event of a fire no toxic gases are emitted

The products have been successfully tested for fire resistance

Heavy duty flexible dual layer aluminum foil air duct

Package Include:


1x  4" Centrifugal Duct Fan

1x  4" Ducting x 6m

1x  4" Filter




1x  Fan Speed Controller

1x  Silver Tape(50mm x 50meter)