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50L Twin Pots DWC System

Product Code: AeroMax2
Availability: In Stock
Price: $209.00

HARVEMAX High Quality 2 AeroPonic Pots Water System

System Dimensions: 610x410x350mm

Save your time by using a completed hydroponics system... Just focus on your project!!!

50L Solid Water Tank:

Solid water reservoir, extra strong and thick tub and lid

made in Australia (water tap installed)

Dimension : 650x410x27mm

450Ltr/h Feed Pump And Irrigation Parts
Hmax: 0.85m
Power: 6w

2.5W Air Pump
come with air stone and hose

Water Pump Analog Timer
Adjustable for 24hr

Extra fine Water Pump Filter bag

Premium Clay Ball

Pure Clay made in Germany(fill up 2 pots)

Irrigation System

Round Drain Watering system

System Include:

1x   HydroMax2 Twin Mesh Pots Watering System 50L

2x   Mesh pots, Diameter across the top = 200mm, Depth = 140mm

1x   2.3W Air pump(air stone+hose)[YP-018]

1x   Water Pump(YP_838)

1x   Water Pump Filter bag

1x   Pump timer

2x   Irrigation Parts

2x   pot of Clay Ball