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AutoPot Hydrotrays 8 Pot

Product Code: Hydrotrays 8 pot
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Price: $315.00

AutoPot™ Hydrotrays 8 pots kit

There is an AutoPot™ growing solution to suit everyone from the novice through to large commercial users. Most first time users start off with a gravity fed system due to the simplicity of only having to position a supply tank higher than the growing module. Once the collection of AutoPot™ growing modules have expanded beyond 20 or so units, consideration for the pump fed methods becomes more practical to reduce the frequency of having to top up a gravity tank. Having said that, it does not mean feeding large number of plants by gravity is no longer a viable option


If you want to start with a bigger system, the AutoPot™ 8 Pot Kit gives you some more options for growing more plants or different varieties using our most popular growing unit - the Hydrotray Double 10" module.

The 8 pot kit contains the following items:
* 4 x Hydrotray Double 10" trays with lids
* 1 x Hydrotank - 35L
* 4 x Smart-valves
* 8 x 10" pots
* 8 x Marix root control mats 
* 1 x roll of 4mm tubing (10m)
* 4 x 4mm T-joints
* 1 x 4mm filter 
* 5 x 4mm taps
* 1 x Instruction booklet

If you need EXTENDING YOUR SYSTEM, get nutrient, or extra grow media - please let us know. ->(03)9008 3851

AutoPot™ Systems are modular so you are not restricted in any way when expanding as large as you like. To add more AutoPot™ modules, simple T and straight joiners are available from your AutoPot™ supplier which allow you to join in one, two or dozens more modules. Provided you have nutrient supply, you can run remote modules anywhere you can lay your tubing.
When using gravity, the higher you position the supply tank, the further you can go - the factor to be mindful of is tank size relative to the quantity of connected modules.