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Large White Wing Reflector 650x550mm

Product Code: LargeWhiteWing
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Price: $60.00

Large white coated Wing Reflector

Take Size Option : 650x550mm

Similar to a domestic lampshade, these reflectors are fixed to an artificial light source (for example, HID bulbs, CFL lamps, etc) to direct and shape the otherwise scattered light, reflecting it off their concave inner surfaces and directing it towards the plants to be lighted.
It has b1een proven that aluminium can create a better reflection surface and generate higher results.

  •     Size: 650x550x210mm;
  •     White coated solid metal;
  •     Extremely big wing delivering wide light spreading area;
  •     Built-in E39/40 ceramics lamp holder;
  •     Come with hanger;


[1x]  Large White Coated 650mm x 550mm Wing Reflector