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MAMMOTH P - 60ml

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MAMMOTH P - 60ml

The Benefits

MAMMOTH P is the first organically derived microbial inoculant for growing marijuana that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize bud growth, increase yield, and enhance plant health.

Effectiveness Data

MAMMOTH P was developed by Growcentia’s founders at Colorado State University using next-generation technology. MAMMOTH P has been tested extensively by Colorado growers and independent labs have proven to increase cannabis growth. All production is done at our facility in Fort Collins Colorado to maintain the highest level of quality control. This beneficial bacterial formula works great in soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems. Using MAMMOTH P in hydroponic systems is an excellent way to introduce the organic benefits of soil microbial nutrients without sacrificing water quality. MAMMOTH P was engineered to supplement any fertilizer program.

16% (Dry flower per plant (grams))
Increase Trimmed Sellable Yield

6% (Density (grams))
Increase Stem Strength


Mammonth P - 60ml