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Pair of Reflector YoYo

Product Code: Reflector Yoyo Hanger
Availability: In Stock
Price: $16.00

The simplest and most efficient way to adjust the reflector ever!

This reflector suspension system enables you to raise and lower the light in one simple movement. With tension mechanism, the hood will stay in place once set at the desired height. Easily raise your lights when you are doing your routine work in the room, and just pull them down when you leave. It also perfectly meets the requirement of adjusting the hood to provide different light supply as plants grow.

Hanger Adjustment:

    1. Attach both hangers to reflector using retractable nylon string.
    2. Turn both silver wing tensions to the left so that the strings are loose.
    3. Hang the reflector with nails or hooks.
    4. Set desired height and turn each silver wing tension to the right to the most extent.
    5. Move reflector up/down by 1 - 2 inches and hangers will lock in place.



  1.     Stainless steel spring
  2.     Eyebolts for hanging the reflector
  3.     Screw hooks to connect the hanger to the ceiling
  4.     To adjust the height of reflector with ease
  5.     To provide reliable support & befitting distance from plants with tension mechanism
  6.     Max 13kg weight load capacity per pair
  7.     Compatible with all parabolic and round reflectors, so long as hooks and eyebolts suit
  8.     Overall Dimension : 90 x 65mm
  9.     Maximum Extension Length: 850mm
  10.     Come with screw hooks and eyebolts



Package Inlcude:

    2 x Ref YOYOs (1 pairs)
    2 x Screw Hooks (1 pairs)
    2 x Eyebolts (1 pairs)