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600W HPS Lamp

Product Code: HPS600
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High-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps are smaller and contain additional elements such as mercury, and produce a dark pink glow when first struck, and an intense pinkish orange/red light when warmed.


HPS Grow Light mimics the natural light to which the plant is best adapted, the lamp is used for the second (or reproductive) phase of the growth.


If HPS lights are used for the vegetative phase, plants will usually grow slightly more quickly.


High-pressure sodium lights enhance the fruiting and flowering process in plants.


Plants use the orange/red spectrum HPS in their reproductive processes, which produces larger harvests of higher quality herbs, vegetables, fruits or flowers.


High-pressure sodium lights have a long usable bulb life and approx six times more light output per watt of energy consumed than a standard incandescent grow light.


Due to their high efficiency and the fact that plants grown in greenhouses get all the blue light they need naturally,  these lights are the preferred supplemental greenhouse lights.




    Power: 600 watts
    Expected Lifetime(H): 24000
    Initial Luminous Flux(LM): 90000
    Color Temperature: 2000K
    Socket: E39/40 Base
    Bulb Type: ET18
    Diameter(inch): 2.2
    Universal positioning
    Cannot plug directly into powerpoint, need HPS ballast (400W) to run
    Contains more red spectrum, which is best for flowering
    Strong power to penetrate fog
    High output, high luminescence efficiency
    Fit for all standard 600W watts HPS grow light systems
    Fit for the Heliophile, such as Rose and Camellia, which grows better at longer sunshine time



    1x   HPS 600W Lamp