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LED Panel 225 (blue+red)

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    Red/Blue Mixed Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs has been around since the early 1920s, but have only recently been used in hydroponics gardening as grow lights.
    This type of grow light has many advantages over fluorescent and metal vapor lights, and no real downsides other than the initial expense.
    While they do cost more in the beginning, LEDs are considerably cheaper in the long run because of their long life span (average life is about 100,000 hours, compared to an average 15,000 hours for other types) and energy efficiency (energy consumption is about 10 to 20% of comparable fluorescents and metal vapor lamps). In addition, LEDs are cooler, thus eliminating the need for fans and elaborate ventilation systems.

    Recommended Lighting Time:

    Vegetative Stage: 14-18 hours on .
    Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours on.
    For indoor gardens and greenhouses use.



    Size: 305mm x 305mm x 35mm
    LED Output Power: 0.06w x 225 LEDs (15w in total)
    165 Red Bulbs + 60 Blue Bulbs = 225 Bulbs
    Blue light wavelength:460-465 nm
    Red light wavelength: 650-655 nm
    LED Bulb Diameter: 5mm
    Lumen(blue): 4.8Lux x 60 LEDs (288lux in total)
    Lumen(red): 7.2Lux x 165LEDs (1188lux in total)
    Working Temperature: -30-60 degree Celsius
    Working Humidity: Less than 95%
    Lighting Coverage: 20cm-200cm
    Recommended Height: 30cm-150cm
    Recommended Coverage: 0.8 square meter
    cord and hanging kit included
    More Efficient: 100% of the power input for our LED grow lights is used for your plant chlorophyll production
    The best lighting time (led grow light lighting time plus sunlight lighting time) for plant growing should be 10-14hrs
    LED light saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes
    No ballast needed, simply plug it in and ready to play
    Minimal heat to keep your plants from burning
    No infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation to destroy your plants


    1 x LED 225 Panel