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Large White Wing Reflector 650x550mm
Large white coated Wing Reflector Take Size Option : 650x550mm Similar to a domestic lamp..
Aluminum Wing Reflector
Aluminum Wing Reflector Take Size Option : 500x390mm or 650x550mm Similar to a domestic l..
Rock Resinator 1L/5L
  Rock Resinator PK suppliment   Rock Resinator uses an extensive and c..
250W HPS/MH CANNA Tent COMBO 4" Vent
Package Include: GrowRoom Choice: * 60x60x160cm * 100x100x200cm * 120x120x200cm ..
14"/355mm Acoustic Duct 5M
14"/355mm Acoustic Ducting 5M Noise Remove & Temperature keep Ductings are used in he..
16L Top Feed DWC Kit
Complete Hydroponics Automatically Top Feeding Deep Water Culture System Specically comes wit..
PH Buffer 4&7
Flairform PH Buffer 4.0 & PH Buffer 7.0 - 2x250ml Flairform's buffers are formulated with..
T5 4FT/96W Grow Light
As a technology independent supplier, we provide unbiased advice as to the most appropriate light..
Elastic Trellis Net 3x4FT
Heavy duty 3x4FT Grow Tent Elastic Support Net   Fit to tent size 120x120cm or 120x1..
HARVEMAX 8"/200mm Hyper Fan with controller
8"/200mm Digital Mixed Flow Exhaust Fan 706 CFM (1200m³/hr) metal body, very good qual..
Perlite(Coarse Grade) 100L
Perlite is a heat expanded, man made product for use as a hydroponic growing medium. Perlite reta..
GH Flora Gro+Bloom+Micro
  Flora Series 3 part mix Take option for bottle size: 3x 473ml / 3x 946ml / 3x 3.79..
4" to 5" Duct Reducer
Specifications   Reduce for ventilation/construction 1. material: steel 2. ..
300x300x200CM Grow Tent
HARVEMAX GROW TENTS Size: 3(W) x 3(D) x 2(H)M Strong 19mm poles, Popular Tents 19..
Marijuana Garden Saver
Marijuana Garden Saver by Ed Rosenthal Identifies each problem, tells you what it..
Bud Burst 250ml
Boveda 62% Humidity Pack - 4 gram
Boveda 4g/satchel 62% Himudity Controller Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control continua..
4" Hose Clamp
Features: Stainless Steel Metric or Imperial: Metric Clip Width (W): ..
6" 2 speed Fan Duct Kit
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} 2 Speed 6"(150mm) Inline Duct Fan With 6" Flexible 6m Dual Alu..
Professor's Organic Bloom
Professor's Organic Bloom Nutrient - 1L/5L One of the most important aspects of your garden..
Time Relay Box 8 Ways
High Quality Metal Case HARVEMAX 8 Ways Time Relay Box Controller   with pre..
600W CoolTube Lighting Kit
Premium 63CM 6"(150mm flange) Cool Tube Reflector Overs..
6" Cool Tube 250w MH/HPS Tent Kit
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} Premium 51CM 6"(150mm flange) Aluminum C..
6" Polyester Insulated Duct
  6"/152mm Acoustic Ducting Polyester Insulated Option: 4 meters or 5 meters or 10 m..
HydroMax4 Dripping System
HARVEMAX 4 Pots Dripping System   System Dimensions: 610x410x350mm Pot Size(4L) ..
5x Square DWC Buckets Kit
Complete 5 Buckets DWC Grow System 4 of Grow Site + 1 of Water Exchange Reservoir Feature..
HARVEMAX New Generation LED power Bar Grow Light Australia Exclusiv..
CANNA Terra Professional Delivery
CANNA Terra Professional - 50L < fast delivery from HARVEMAX Melbourne Warehouse ..
HARVEMAX 6"/150mm Hyper Fan with Controller
6"/150mm Digital Mixed Flow Exhaust Fan 350 CFM (594m³/hr) metal body, very good quali..
Vermiculite(Grade 4) 100L
Vermiculite has a high cation exchange capacity at 100-150 meq / 100g which gives it the ability ..