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Aluminum Wing Reflector
Aluminum Wing Reflector Take Size Option : 500x390mm or 650x550mm Similar to a domestic l..
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Ozimagic Grow Juice Monsta Bud     Information Monsta Bud is a special ..
300L/H Water Pump
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} 300L/H Hmax=65CM  Water Pump with filter SPECIFICAT..
6"/152mm Acoustic Duct
Australian's good insulated duct product. Best solution for fan noise reduction, air-con heating ..
COCOs Brick - 5kg
HY-GEN® COCO Brick 5kg HY-GEN® COCO PEAT is a 100% natural coir hydroponic growing medium a..
PH Up & Down
Non-hazardous pH adjustment solutions   Ph up & Ph down liqiud - 2x250ml ..
8 Way Vertical Lightning Proof
Feature:   8 Outlet Australian Standard SAA Approval   Spec..
A Wing reflector Lighting Kit
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2M tent 6" Ventilation Combo
Package Include: 1x Mylar Grow Tent 2x2x2m 1x 6" Duct Fan 1x 6" Alumi..
15W Blue LED Panel
Blue Spectrum Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs has been around since the early 1920s, but have only..
Ed Rosenthal's Book Beyond Buds Next Generation
Beyond Buds Next Generation Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions ..
Vermiculite(Grade 4) 100L
Vermiculite has a high cation exchange capacity at 100-150 meq / 100g which gives it the ability ..
 5" Cool Tube Reflector
White flange 5" Cool Tube Reflector Specification 95% reflective European..
Clonex Gel + CCS Kit
  Clonex Purple + Clonex Clone Solution     Clonex Purple Rootin..
98 Cells Rockwool Sheet
  Grodan 98 Cell Rockwool Block Sheet   What is Rockwool? Growing media i..
98 Cells Seeding Cloning kit
10A Heavy Duty Timer
  Used to control the time required to open and related appliances, such as: water dispe..
400w Lighting kit with grow tent
Premium 6"(150mm flange) Aluminum Cool Tube Reflector O..
8"/202mm Acoustic Duct
Australian's good insulated duct product. Best solution for fan noise reduction, air-con heating ..
16L Top Feed DWC Kit
Complete Hydroponics Automatically Top Feeding Deep Water Culture System Specically comes wit..
PH Buffer 4&7
Flairform PH Buffer 4.0 & PH Buffer 7.0 - 2x250ml Flairform's buffers are formulated with..
Grodan 10x10cm Rockwool
  Grodan Rockwool Grow Media 100x100mm Growing media is an essential part of any hyd..
Growool Floc 13.6Kg
Growool is water absorbent rockwool made in Australia and is used as a soiless growing medium. Gr..
6" Double ended 1000W Lighting kit
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} Item Description: The patented sealed optic technology all..
2M tent 8" Ventilation Combo
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} Aluminum Wing Reflector &nbs..
Hi-Par SunStorm 315W Grow Light Kit
HI PAR 315w SUNSTORM KIT This complete luminaire kit contains our ultra-dura..
Marijuana Grower's Handbook Ed Rosenthal's Official Course Book USA University
Marijuana Grower's Handbook Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana..
HouseGarden COCO Coir
H&G Cocos is a natural plant substrate made from the cleanest coco peat available in the worl..
Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel
  Clonex Purple Rooting Hormone Gel   The world’s first and leading p..
10pcs+ Rockwool 40x40mm
  Grodan Rockwool Grow Cube 40x40mm Growing media is an essential part of any hyd..