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10pcs+ Rockwool 40x40mm

Brand: Grodan
Product Code: 40x40mm
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Grodan Rockwool Grow Cube 40x40mm

Growing media is an essential part of any hydroponic growing system. Simply put, growing media is a soil substitute. There are many types of grow media available, each offering different advantages. These media are all inert, sterile substrates that have excellent aeration properties. Rockwool 1.5'' cubes are ideal for starting seedlings / cuttings, and then can be transferred into 3" or 4'' cubes. Afterwards, growing cubes are either planted onto Rockwool slabs or into your hydroponic system.


  • Grow-Cubes stack on top of each other leaving air space in
    between them this promotes root growth.


  • Each cube has four surfaces from which excess water can drain. This way, even if you water a lot, the Grow-Cubes will not get water logged.


  • You have less algae growth on the top than with the smooth surface Gro-Blocks™.


  • The Grow-Cubes are the driest of our products with properties of a 50/50 mix. (50% water/50% air)


  • Very easy to mix with any other potting mix.


  • Special advantages are achieved by mixing Grow-Cubes in with clay pellets. The Grow-Cubes will help spread the water in the container as well has keeping a water buffer in between the watering.


  • Lightweight; approx. 1/10 of the weight of a bag of potting soil.



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