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Temperature&Humidity Controller

Product Code: THC-221
Availability: In Stock
Price: $86.00

HARVEMAX both Thermal and Humidity Controller
LCD Hydroponics / Pet Animal / Aquarium Smart Temperature Humidity Controller
Day and Night Shift, Real Smart Controller, all in 1 high end device


  • LCD blue tape crystal display.
  • Can set differential of refrigeration and heating separately.
  • Can set differential of humidity and dehumidification separately.
  • Automatically convert.
  • Divided design for screen and plugs..
  • Backlit auto shut down without operation for 10 minutes.
  • Small and elegant appearance, can adopt attached on the glass, or stand on the table, or install into the aquarium and terrarium, fit for different operating requirements of users.
  • Day & Night time shift mode.
  1. Temperature measuring range: - 40~80°C
  2. Humidity measuring range: 0-99%
  3. Temperature controlling range: 16~40°C
  4. Humitidy controlling range: 1~99%
  5. Resolution: 0.1°C ; 0.1%
  6. Accuracy: ±0.3°C ; ±0.3%
  7. Power: 220VAC±15%,50/60HZ
  8. Input: 1 sensor with lead
  9. Plug box Dimension: 15.5 x 6.5 x 4.3CM
  10. Screen Box: 9 x 5 x 1.4CM 
  11. Sensor wire: approx. 1m (standard)
  12. Output: two relays output (Relay capacity: 10A)
  13. Plug and power strip: AU standard; On the power strip, Ι means heating, ΙΙ means refrigeration.
  14. Backlit auto shut down without operation for 10 minute.
  15. Consumption: ≤3 w
  16. Ambient requirements: temperature: -10~60°C; humidity: 20~85% (No condensate)

Indicator light Status Description:
ON: Refrigeration is in working state; FLASH: Compressor delay; OFF: Not working.
ON: Heating is in working state; OFF: Not working.
When in setting mode, switch to menu of refrigeration differential

flash; switch to menu of heating differential, flash.

Package Include:
1x     Model: THC-221
1x     Instruction Guide