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Aluminum Wing Reflector
Aluminum Wing Reflector Take Size Option : 500x390mm or 650x550mm Similar to a domestic l..
Large White Wing Reflector 650x550mm
Large white coated Wing Reflector Take Size Option : 650x550mm Similar to a domestic lamp..
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} Silver 6" Cool Tube Reflector ..
5"/127mm Acoustic Duct 5M
Australian's good insulated duct product. Best solution for fan noise reduction, air-con heating ..
21L DWC Kit
21L DWC System Kit Description: Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Systems operate based on th..
Rock Nutrient Bud Burst
Rock Nutrient Bud Burst - 1L     Rock Burst is one of the best selling prod..
TNB CO2 Canister 240g
TNB Naturals CO2 Dispersal Canister(240g)   TNB Naturals CO2 Dispersal Canister is t..
Nature's Own Guano Super Bloom
Nature's Own Guano Super Bloom Take option 1L or 5L Natures Own Guano is natrual,..
Sensi Pro Bio Diesel Rhino-K
Sensi Pro RHINO K POTASSIUM BLOOM BOOSTER   250ml / 1000ml   Harder Flo..
Grodan 10x10cm Rockwool
  Grodan Rockwool Grow Media 100x100mm Growing media is an essential part of any hyd..
A Wing reflector Lighting Kit
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} {list-style-type: circle} ul.square {list-style-type: ..
2M tent 4" Ventilation Combo
Package Include: 1x Mylar Grow Tent 2x2x2m 1x 4" Duct Fan 1x 4" Aluminum Ducting..
8" to 10" Duct Reducer
Specifications   Reduce for ventilation/construction 1. material: steel 2. ..
Wilma 8x18L System 190x90CM - pick up only
Wilma hydroponics grow systems 8x18L System Water Tub Size: 190x90cm, 180L comes with wa..
Aunt Sandy's Medical Marijuana Cookbook Comfort Food for Body & by Moriarty San
Product Information Most people will, at some point in their lives, have tasted marijuana bro..
GH Flora Micro
  GeneralHydroponics Flora Mico - 946ml/3.79L   (Since we only have 3.79L..
Seeding&Cloning T5 Set
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} HYDROPONICS SEEDING CLONING 2x 98 CELLS SET AND GROW TENT ..
Nutrifield ClayBall 50L
This Germany Made Hydro Clay starts with the highest grade natural clay following a strict gradin..
Stainless Curved Pruner
Ideal to use it to clip sticks, branches and flowers in garden, in house and so on. With lock, co..
GH Floralicious Plus 437ml/946ml
GerernalHydroponics Floralicious Plus (A ..
Nutrifield CRYSTALIC - 250ml Crystalic is a potent blend of biostimulants including molasses,..
T5 Bar Light - 2FT/24W
HARVEMAX T5 Microgree & Pet bar light with nano reflector get 50% more lumen with n..
Rock Fusion Bloom & Grow
Rock Fusion Bloom Fusion Grow   Fusion Bloom is a complete fertilizer formulation..
400w Lighting kit with grow tent
Premium 6"(150mm flange) Aluminum Cool Tube Reflector O..
2500L/H Water Pump
ul.disc {list-style-type: disc} 2500L/hr Submersible Water Pump (Model:6700) Output: 2..
6"/152mm Acoustic Duct
Australian's good insulated duct product. Best solution for fan noise reduction, air-con heating ..
COCOs Brick - 650g
HY-GENĀ® COCO Brick 650g HY-GENĀ® COCO PEAT is a 100% natural coir hydroponic growing medium ..
6" Fan Filter Duct Kit
Complete HARVEMAX 6"/150mm Ventilation Kit Value Combo for Grow Room (Fixed Charcoal, Machin..
NF Clayball (Store Pickup)
Hydroponics High Quality ClayBalls Aqua Clay Pebbles Store Pick Up Grow Medium 5..
Time Relay Box 4 Ways
High Quality Metal Case HARVEMAX 4 Ways Time Relay Box Controller   with premium ana..